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  1. I've had one of Wolfgang Puck's frozen pizzas, which was really good. Too bad the stores don't carry them anymore. The slightly sweet, chewy, airy crust was exceptional.

  2. The reason not to use a roller to roll out the dough is it forces all that wonderful CO2 to escape. The gas in the dough gives it the air pockets to allow the dough to be light and not be a cracker crust.

  3. Hello chef john! I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I'm so hooked to all of your great recipes and your website. I confess I'm now a fan because I love your voice, puns and especially the delicious food you cook. I'm as well a little disappointed to myself because why in the world I'm now just discovering your videos? Why? I felt wasted at the moment. I can learn a lot of culinary things from you. Thank you for sharing your passion in cooking chef! Keep it up. Don't stop inspiring many young aspiring cooks like me. God bless chef. We love yah and I'm looking forward to video 2000th 🙂

  4. I made pizza with your dough recipe, and sauce recipe, and it came out very good. I also used the dough recipe and made like a spanakopita (Greek spinach pie ) pizza ,my guest raved over it.

  5. Puck can hardly take credit for this dough..adding olive oil to the pizza/ calzone dough has been used way before ole Pucky made pizza..and btw I tried to find this on wishes site and the search is broke down just keeps loading and no I am eyeballing salt and oiive oil amounts

  6. Excellent, I did not divide the dough but I did let it rest a second time before rolling out, I just made one 14 inch thick pizza cooked at 450 bottom rack for 7 minutes and then moved to middle rack for about 13 minutes. I added italian seasoning to the flour and then brushed the edge with olive oil and garlic salt before baking. THANKS for the recipe! 🙂

  7. mmmm I just made this for lunch. it's the best pizza dough I've ever made, maybe even tasted! I usually fail miserably at pizza dough but you made it so easy to follow and its delicious. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. I love your videos but I wish you'd do more vegan options (most things can be converted though so your videos give me really good ideas). Thanks for all the hard work you put into your channel.

  9. I am going to try this recipe for sure! I am wondering if i could store the remaining quarter of dough in the freezer, when I want to make pizza later or when I have a quarter left? Thanks!

  10. This recipe was delicious I'm 13 and I made it myself I made a few changes instead of honey I used sugar also I sliced whole pieces of mozzarella instead of shredding it was a very easy recipe to follow thank you

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