Chef Tom spent years working at one of the best bakeries in the US (Ken’s Artisan Bakery in Portland, OR) and brings his knowledge to all of us who love to cook outdoors on our grills.

This recipe is measured in grams, and as Chef Tom says, use a scale to get it right the first time, and you’ll have what we consider to be the best pizza dough recipe in the world.

We are cooking these pizzas in our favorite cooking machine, the Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill, but you can cook this recipe on whatever you are cooking on at home. If you have any questions about that, just let us know in the comments below!

Check out the recipe over on our blog:


  1. Enjoy your show. I really find regional foods interesting. As a big fan of the Trailer Park Boys, I have been trying to make donairs for years. I've never actually had the real NS donair, but there are a few recipes out there. It seems like cooking the meat on a spit in the smoker would be awesome. You could even do the pita bread in there, even the donair pizza. Anyway, maybe you could consider that for a show, I'd love to see you do that up. Thanks!

  2. Nice cook Tom. I have done brick oven pizza on the grill, which turns out very good..I just got the Uuni wood fired pellet grill to try out..maybe you can do a review on on these little bad boys,  they get up to 920 degrees. The Uuni 2 is the better bang for the buck..

  3. Everyone in the comments like "this temp or that, blah blah blah darker crust." It's ridiculous. Pizza is quite literally one of the most versatile foods on the planet. You can cook it in a high-heat brick oven for minutes, or on a stone in the grill. You work with what you have. And to be fair, this cooking method is likely more akin to what a home cook would have available, so I'd rather see it done in a way that relates to how I cook at home. As far as the color of the crust; I worked in a traditional New York pizzeria — it was one of my first jobs. For everyone that enjoyed a dark, crunchy crust, there was another customer asking for a more chewy, lighter crust. My preference is also for a lighter crust, and the doneness of the dough inside is not indicative of the color on the outside. If you use the peel to pick up the pizza and it doesn't bend or flex in the middle, your dough is usually cooked all the way through.

    tl;dr: to each their own, it's all about personal preference. There is no "end all to be all" method for cooking pizza — the notion that there is some specific, traditional methodology that someone should follow, as if this is a burr blanc, or demi glace, is absolute bullshit. It's fucking pizza, bro.

  4. Honestly the pizzafanatics are watching saying "need more heat". I'm not saying you need to go 900-1000 degrees like traditional wood fire ovens but if you can get your oven to at least 500 you'll be better off and yield a better crust. keep up with the vids.

  5. That pizza looked great. I made pizza for years and my family is from Italy. I have a piece of advice. That flour your using is the best around but unless your oven is 700 degrees it's hard for the pizza to get golden brown. Add a shot of honey to the dough and it helps color with out changing the taste!! Love the channel!

  6. Love chef Tom! Nice job on the pizza, but the Yoder doesn't cook the dough right. not enough browning like a real pizza oven. needs more heat on the top.

  7. Dude, get yourself a Big Green Egg and cook the pizzas at 800-1000 degrees. A 20 minute cook is ridiculous for a pizza. The BGE will cook a pizza in about 4 minutes. Props on the dough technique.

  8. MMMMmmmm High gluten Pizza flour – Im in! haha Looks delicious! Beautiful Crunch sound when slicing – Would have loved to try a piece!!

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