How to Make the Best Pizza Ever with the Crispy Crust™ Pizza Oven. The World Champion Johnny Dr Francesco shows you how to make his award winning Margherita pizza .
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The owner of the iconic 400 Gradi in Melbourne took out the number one spot this year for best STG (Specialita’ Tradizionale Garantita) pizza in the world. This was a monumental achievement and career highlight that saw Johnny gain national and international media attention.

“Having made pizza since I was 12, my passion for
cooking has only intensified over time. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love and I hope that joy infiltrates everything that I make.”


  1. So wait… show off a nice and amazing looking brick oven and then proceed to cook this pizza in a fucking tiny ass electric oven????? are you retarded?

  2. Proudly sponsored by the Breville company 🙂 ? how can this guy be the best? did he get the sponsorship affiliate marketing deal with Breville before he won the contest? I smell a rat.

  3. Mom's family is from Naples, Dad's family is from Tiana, All his brothers, and father were all bakers, bread, pizza, cakes, but he never went to school, he learned from his cousins, even to make beautiful roses on the cakes. I love to cook, but I'm not good at cake decorating. I'd love to live in Australia, America, is dying fast. Johnny, what do you think about the metal pizza stone.? Why do they call it a pizza stone when it's metal? Oh well, anyway, what do you thing about them? I was thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure. Great Pizza! Take Care.

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