Great simple and quick recipe that will feed a whole family or a flat of students.
Making pizza bases yourself is ALOT cheaper than buying them in the shop, and is probably better tasting anyway.

You can determine the size you want and the thickness yourself which is another bonus of making your own pizza bases.


4 cups of Flour
1 tsp Salt
Dried herbs (optional)
325 ml warm water
2.5 tsp yeast
1 tsp sugar
2 Tbs oil (if wanted)

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  1. that was way too much either flour or yeast but I just made a ''monster pizza'' hahah at the begining I tought of that it was too much flour and yeast, Iwonder if it was only to make 1 pizza. oh well extra pizza it's not bad, thanks for the recipe

  2. Dude,`i`m gonna try it sometimes.One advice.(to you and anyone watching)> Watch the video with captions (subtitles).I got some good laughs :)).
    Thank you again for the recipee!

  3. This was AWESOME! super easy and tasty. I did end up using a lot of additional flour when kneading the dough because it was so wet, and i was afraid it would turn out rock hard, but it was perfect! Thanks for the recipe! 

  4. Great video as always. One question. Once you have made your dough, and shaped it into pizza shape, do you have to part cook it. Or can you just put all your toppings straight on to it, and put it in the oven? Cheers, CS.

  5. "Perfect Crust"? "Plain Flour"? Where is the science of perfection in that? No one knows what plain flour really is however I spent about 10 years researching dough and flour that makes it… When it comes to wheat flour there are basically two types of it… Hard wheat and soft wheat. Hard wheat is what your mom uses to bake good hardy breads. Soft wheat is what is used to make pastries, cake, cookies, and dinner rolls, -along with those very tempting sugar buns commercial bakeries sell.
    To make the perfect pizza crust, as far as you are concerned, simply take some 'by trial' ratio blending of differant types of flours and -'dough conditioners', if you need that stuff.
    To make a "Little Caesar's" blend start with a 50/50 of "regular" flour and pastry flour, (soft wheat flour). 'All Purpose', regular flour has some soft wheat already in it but it isn't enough to get the same texture as those wonderful "little caesars" breadsticks. If the results are too much like cake reduce the amount of pastry flour to 25%.
    Remember to drizzle or brush olive oil around the crust as soon as it comes out of the oven while it is still very hot. The added oil gives the crust edge the correct texture for the 'perfect' crust. My version of the perfect crust is based on the type used at Izzy's BBQ and Bar in Oregon. There is no crust like  the kind they use -I spent years trying to duplicate it and found only recently the importance of having a container of pastry flour in the kitchen to aid in making the perfect crust. Good Luck on finding your version of the "Perfect Pizza Crust".
    Good info showhow video too. It was interesting, informative, attention keeping, and enjoyable. Hope you try my suggestion and do a video discussing the results of the effort.

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