We are a pizza loving family. And for years, I searched and searched and searched for the perfect pizza dough recipe. I tried dozens, or more. And while some were good, none of them were that recipe that would make me stop trying all of the others. And I was pretty sure I had finally stumbled onto Pizza Hut dough recipe. If you haven’t tried this recipe, you really should, because it really does rank up there with the best of the best.

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  1. really a great and clear free of hazel one think you can use semolina it's will perfect as corn one and you can drizzle few drop of Olive oil it will safe from cheese burning

  2. HELLO, I worked at Pizza Hut and they don't use sugar.
    Flour, yeast, salt, water and that is it. They change the amount of water depending on the thickness of pizza and for pan pizza they put some oil in the pan then put in the stretched out dough and let it raise again.

  3. Here is how you make pizza hut dough so tasty. You dont wear gloves and scratch your balls for that extra cheesy flavor. My brother used to work there and THAT is just what they do. He left after a week he was so sickened by it all and he was treated like he was strange for wearing gloves

  4. I'm sorry, but 1.5 hours is not nearly enough time for pizza dough to rise, especially when you're not using rapid-rise yeast and there are all those additional ingredients in the mix. It needs to rise at least twice before you use it, because at only one rise, the yeast has only completed the first phase in it's metabolic cycle. That is a lot of stuff you've given the yeast to process, and it would need at least twice the amount of time you're giving it to finish fermentation. If you're getting a crust with 'added flavor', that's because the fermentation was incomplete. You should try this again and give it a lot more time and see what you think of the finished crust then.

  5. i would simply tell you the secret of pizza hut–they use all purpose american bread flour(not maida) + italian 00 flour and they use buffalo mozarella (boccuni).

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