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  1. surprised I dont see anyone else commenting this

    I used to make pizza from scratch at an italian market. I was taught by a bunch of old italian and sicilian ladies. they were very adamant about oregano being a spice that is best used immediately before cooking. I suppose if you are making this sauce to use immediately it should be fine, but I like to make my pizza sauce for the next day or to use a few times over the next couple days. so my advice, if you dont want your pizza sauce to get bitter from the oregano sitting in it, add oregano just before you put the cheese on your pizza

  2. You mention a good quality olive oil, how can you tell if the olive oil youre using is a good quality? Where do you get good quality olive oil

  3. Chef John, I love your videos. WAY better then Food Network. I remember always hanging around my Grandma when she cooked when I was a way smaller then now. lol. Always had a passion for it, as you. I've always had a dream of opening my own place, and serving hearty meals that touch the soul. After a pretty bad injury that is tying me up physically, the thought of culinary school has come about. If so, you helped it. Thank you for putting out great food, but also entertaining to watch.

  4. backing soda by itself 1 or 2 tbs can be used for acid indigestion so yes it would help too reduce acid in tomato sauce but a lot more would be required than what he add funny almost. add 4 Tsp to make a measurable difference or more….cheers

  5. Clearly, this is made by an imposter, the real Chef John would put Cayenne in there… Who are you and what have you done to Chef John?!?!?!


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