Homemade pizza dough. Check out foodwishes.com for recipe and details. Enjoy!


  1. My father would take the bread home from the bakery where he worked,  that they forgot to add salt or what ever happen, but they had no salt, and you can really taste how flat, it taste. I have 3 small bags of rye flour, I'm gonna make the onion bread recipe on the back of the package, but this will give me a chance to use some of that flour up.

  2. Hello Chef,  Have never made pizza dough, but would like to try your recipe.  I've several questions, please.  Is there a substitute that can be used for the rye flour … also when freezing the remaining sections, after placing them into zip loc bags, is that when you would put them into the freezer, instead of the refrigerator. I really appreciate your channel and recipes, did make your potato and ham chowder 2 nights ago, the whole family (including our Dachshund) thought it was delicious.  Thank you kindly, for your time.   Gretchen

  3. Hi john,
    How do I make the dough like domino's or papa john's which is soft.
    Using your recipe I get a slightly crunchy and tight base when cooked.
    Love ur recipes though cheers 🙂

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