1. stop call it "pepperoni pizza" !

    i'm italian, and it have no sense! pePeroni means bell peppers, what u call "pepperoni" is called "Salame"

    next time use the name :

    "pizza margherita con salame" -> pizza margherita with "pepperoni" topping

  2. I think Varesano's recipe has been the definite one for the home cook, especially if using a home mixer. basically, autolyse 20-30 mins with 100% hydration (ie leave the rest of the flour out), add salt and yeast a mix for 5 mins. Then slowly add the rest of the flour while mixing for 2-3 mins. gives great gluten structure and texture. Give it go.

  3. Hey Jacob! Great recipe, mine is pretty similar but for a couple mods. First, I ferment a dough thats a bit wetter for up to 4 days in the fridge… gives it a super flavor. Second, I use corn meal that's been ground somewhat in a bullet grinder. That way nobody gets little hard kernels jammed into their teeth and it works equally well for supporting the pizza on the peel. Also, I find that dough thats been salted properly makes for a too salty pizza after adding a bunch of pepperoni, so I use less, ultra thin deli sliced pepperoni that renders right out for flavor, plus doesnt curl up and blacken in the oven. Cheers!

  4. Hey thanks for the great video, Im going to give this a try. I have made two pizzas so far, the first one was the best but, on the second I tried to use a pre-made dough and cheaper tomatoes sauce and I could tell the difference immediately.

  5. Hi, i made it today and it was delicious but I tried extending it with my hands an knuckles as you did and it broke several times and it didn't want to extend too much. Got some suggestions? Thanks for your videos.

  6. This looks delicious, and the bottom of the crust looks perfect. That stated, I don't know which of the five boroughs you grew up in, but in my neighborhood, the pizza always had a big, puffy crown of crust around the outside, full of air pockets, and NEVER covered with sauce or cheese.

  7. If I wanted to cook the pizza on my grill, would you suggest using this recipe. I plan on using a pizza stone in the grill to try to get the temperature as high as possible.

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