This is the authentic NY slice right down to the orange grease stained paper plates its served on. The ultra thin crust is light and crispy that folds perfectly in one hand. Topped with a fresh tomato sauce and bubbling cheese, this is one New York trend that never goes out of style.

Everyone craves Joe’s whether its his old buddies from when the joint first opened who now bring their children and grandchildren or NYU freshmen getting their first taste of real NY pizza. And the list of celebrities who swear by Joe’s is endless. Every time Leonardo DiCaprio is in town, he sneaks in through the back and shares a slice with Joe.

Good pizza isn’t just for New Yorkers anymore.


  1. As a young kid i had pizza in New York and the pizza was awesome, dripping from the slice edges, wet pizza, creamy, saucy, cheesestrings when you picked a slice up from the box, not too many herbs, just plain classic pizza, i dont know if they make it that way, it was 1972 and i was 11 years old and my first visit to New York. I still dream about it but cant buy it anymore now.

  2. if you like almost no sauce, cold but yet some how burn pizza JOE'S PIZZA is your place to visit, if you make 5 pies all at ones they will get COLD FYI Joe's Pizza manager, i guess quantity over over quality now. sad

  3. Hey, that looks like some good pizza! Yeah, but uh… If anyone actually sprang to pay $80 for this Goldbelly thing to deliver it to you frozen, I've got a prime bridge I'd love to sell you. Hit me up!