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This may be the best pizza sauce you’ll ever make. A top-rated recipe, this one combines traditional pizza herbs and spices with some top-secret ingredients to create a flavorful, gourmet sauce that will make pizza night the tastiest of the week. No wonder it has more than 1,400 rave reviews!





  1. +gsooo1  noo, tomate paste is completely different. Tomato puree is made from crushed tomato, tomato paste is much thicker, thats why you had yours runny. Use tomato paste next time 😉

  2. Thanks for this information.Strangely I didn't know paste & puree are different.l.o.l.. thanks (now I know what went wrong).but it did have really nice flavour. I will try with the paste next time .Thanks:-)

  3. Thank you for checking in! Actually, tomato puree is different from the tomato paste. The paste is a lot thicker, as it is cooked down and most of the moisture has evaporated. That's probably the reason your sauce came out on the runny side. 🙂

  4. Perfect:-) it came out really well.prefect blend of flavours.but I found it a little runny (everything accurately measured though).Also I had used tomato puree(it stated tomato paste, but both means the same?)

  5. Hi Jessica, you can omit the spices if you prefer. Substituting ketchup for tomato paste and water will work, but won't yield a flavorful tomato taste. Hope this helps, enjoy 🙂

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