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Emeril Lagasse prepares a basic pizza dough made with flour, water, olive oil, and yeast.

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How to Make Pizza Dough – Emeril Lagasse


  1. I always add my warm water too WARM KitchenAid bowl because if the bowl is less than 100 degrees, it brings down the water temp immediately. I add a Tbsp of Sugar, Tbsp of 00 Flour, and whisk until yeast is dissolved. I give the yeast time to proof, turn the mixer on to slow, and add my flour, that has the salt mixed into it, into the bowl a ½ cup at a time. I also add about 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil after half the flour in mixed. Not everyone uses Olive Oil, but I like the extra flavor it gives the crust. After all the flour is incorporated, I turn the mixer on medium speed and use the mixer to knead the dough. I can always tell when it is ready by the slapping sound it makes in the bowl. I place in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 min to 1 hour. I dump it out on my marble, and start stretching with my fingers.

  2. I use 1 tblspn sugar for yeast that's been in my freezer 4 years and use a thermometer for the water even if itdont rise it still makes a good pizza
    never give up Emeril is a good man master chef don't be afraid to try you wont screw up

  3. Yeast will store indefinitely in the freezer.  I have proof tested my yeast and it is working just fine after being in the freezer since 2009.  It's 2016 now…still working.  I'm surprised Emeril doesn't know that.  Also, not a very helpful video.

  4. Tastes great! How come you don't mention how pizza shops do not warm the dough, but immediately put it in a refrigerator, between 35 and 40 degrees for 24 hours to make it chewy? Some people may want a traditional pizza shop crust. I personally like it fresh like you make it.

  5. to avoid the risk of the dough not rising, you can just mix all the dry ingredients first ( flour, salt, sugar. yeast) and then add the warm water until you get the perfect consistency.