Chef Bobby Hellen of GG’s shows you how to make the perfect New York style pizza from dough to oven with all the toppings.

Dough Recipe available here:

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  1. I understand this is a foodie channel but cmon man, NY STYLE pizza represents NEW YORK! Hard working, simple , get the job done. NY Style pizza is simply thin crust, fresh sauce , gooey mozzarella cheese , maybe with some real pepperoni as well.

  2. New York style pizza has three ingredients. Crust, cheese, sauce. If wherever you get your slice makes those three taste good, then its a good pizza. Best two slices in NYC are found at Full Moon Arthur Ave./187 in the Bronx and Tony's Pizza Spot at DeKalb and Classon in Brooklyn. Bari, Rays and Famiglia locations in Manhattan are decent.

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