Learn how to make homemade pizza with Frank Pinello, host of the Pizza Show and owner of Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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  1. Can confirm 24 hours in the fridge does miracles for the taste and baking of the dough! It's at the verge of becoming sourdough, and the texture is just amazing when baked on a pizza stone. Also I like to add a little bit of sugar to my dough, might be blasphemous but I like it!

  2. i actually really tried this at home. even got me a pizza stone thing. i messed up my kitchen pretty hard but oh my god was it worth it. So damn good. Thanks alot for the great video!

  3. guys watch out for chinese tomatoes.. seriously, they have infected the west. they are full of chinese chemical waste and shit. only trust cali , italian , local, or spanish tomatoes *

  4. Never put oil to make the pizza dough.
    Pizza needs a high temperature to be cooked right, and that temperature way higher than the oil's smoke point.
    Always add oil at the end.

  5. Dough did a nice job even being just AP flour. I did a round and his pan pizza on BBQ using a pizza stone 550 -600 degrees. I do all of my home pizza on gas BBQ with a stone. Gets hotter than oven and can direct heat with the 3 burners if needed plus much faster to heat up just don't keep lifting lid up.

  6. Dear Italians,

    stop bitching. You're the one of the worst and most ignorant drivers in Europe and we have to endure your antics on our roads all the time. Your historical ignorance is incredible. There's almost half of your population still supporting Berlusconi and probably a similar amount of people who still think Mussolini was cool. The way you speak is very annoying. You drink 0,2l beers.

    Your opinion on this matter is entirely irrelevant. It's not you who invented pizza. It was your long-dead ancestors that have probably been cursing or laughing at your nation's demise now for least a century.

    Your dearest neighbor. 🙂 <3

  7. well, I saw better people at making pizza. First of all he said "dont touch the edge cuz it will make the pop" then he cut off the edges xD great job! xD and I feel like even I am better at creating the circle dough O_o What you do is good and I like your passion about it, but the rest does not suit me.

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