In this video I will outline the entire process, ingredients, recipes and techniques that I use to make authentic Neapolitan pizza at home.


  1. 95% as good – a lot easier done. IMHO 😉 (No authentic no Neapolitan)

    You need for 3 to 4 pizzas: 400ml Water, ~630g flour (wheat "405*",
    also spelt "630*" is fine) 12g salt and 7g instant yeast, optional:
    additional seasoning like basil, oregano, black pepper… e.g. 1gram (dried or
    equivalent in fresh) each for the dough.

    Put salt and water in your bowl; put half of the flour in as well. Use a fork
    or a cheap kitchen device and mix it well.

    Put the Yeast and the rest of the flour slowly into the bowl and mix it for 5
    to 10 minutes.

    You can stop when the dough does not sticky to the bowl anymore. (With the
    water-flour ratio above this should do)

    Grab it and knead it on a work plate if you want to perfect it.

    Put it in a bowl – throw a wet towel over it. (Or aluminum foil) Keep it warm
    for about an hour (not over 41°C) or 24 hours into the fridge, when it was in
    the fridge, just put it out of it an hour before you want to use it.

    I recommend putting it in the fridge. It will taste better, and you can easily
    store there for a few days.

    A Great dough for a great pizza.

    Use pizza stone or better an oven which gets to 400°C. (~750°F)

    That said or written, I make my pizzas very similar like it's shown in the vid 😀

    * That’s numbers I have available where I live, it's a fine no whole flour

  2. So next time you have a random craving for a pizza, buy expensive oven. wait a week for it to be shipped to you. In the meantime, take the week to make the dough. Then cook it for 80 seconds. Don't let it burn! And enjoy! It's quicker (and probably less expensive) to get your ass to Italy for a day and actually get one there.

  3. looks professional job, but i believe nobody will do it at home due to its very long time consuming and plenty instruments and measurements involved

  4. This video is fantastic. I've been reading about the whole process on how to make Neapolitan pizza in the pizzamaking forum and I had got a pretty good idea of how it is done. But this video takes that knowledge to the next level. Thank you so much!

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