Just a quick pizza cook with some shrimp and other yummies on it ! Also Messin’ with Siri…again !


  1. Looks good ma Bruddah. Pizza is always good during a Chicago Blackhawk's, White Sox game, band practice, before, after or during a funeral….you get the picture.  😉

  2. Hey Sean, thanks for making me a pizza!! Let's cut both in half, and put them on our plates..Chow down, and wash it down with a couple of beers. HEHEHE..I'm all over it!! Take good care..

  3. another leaning tower of pizza lol. "your wish is my command" "I always wanted to say that" lol! love it. love the siri sessions haha! Delicious pizza! 2 slices please with an ice cold cola. I'm starving now especially when you zoomed in on it lol. looks sooooooooo good. lol!@ you talking back and forth to yourself to stop playing with the camera and finish the video haha.

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