How to make Pizza completely from scratch : Homemade dough & sauce recipe

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  1. jagath Sam, ways to not have under cooked dough cook on bottom rack of oven,don't use parchment paper or wax paper. just place directly on pizza pan or cookie sheet. you can also place dough in oven for a couple minutes with out the sauce or toppings just to get the dough cooking.

  2. So I don't have the s granulated sugar or nutmeg so would the recipe be ok if I just used without those 2? It's 1:27am where I live and it's Mother's Day and I'm getting up early to cook breakfast for my mom, so this recipe would be perfectly ok? And biggest of all how would it taste with those 2 ingredients missing? Please reply soon thank you!

  3. Thank you, I am a male who was forbidden from my mother from getting anywhere near the stove, and now you are helping me develop a few skills when it comes to cooking for a young lady. 🙂

  4. @78yo & learn'in: Tomato paste is acidly & very strong. I would prefer a simple Tomato sauce w/a table spoon of tomato paste. Wondering if one would add 'garlic power' into the pizza dough. I recall some friends would ask me where did I BUY the a pizza, its taste different. All I did was to tell the maker sprinkle garlic powder b-4 adding the sauce. Fresh garlic (using garlic crusher) would even be better. now that's Italian. Just sharing.

  5. Here's my pizza recipe.
    All purpose white flour, warm water and some salt to make the dough. No yeast.
    Roll out the dough and cook it for a while on one side, then flip the dough over and cook it until it's done.
    Spread a can of tomato past on it, then add some salt, pepper and oregano powder lightly dashed all over the tomato paste.
    Add cooked salt and peppered ground burger, lots of onions, green bell peppers, cut black olives, sliced fresh mushrooms, sliced zucchini.
    Then topped off with great tasting stretchy mozzarella and cheddar cheese.
    Cook until cheese is melted and it looks done to you, then try to not kill yourself by eating too much.

  6. My favorite toppings are ham and pineapple.  Actually I love them all, especially spinach, so don't have a favorite topping.  Great video, I liked and subscribed, so I'll be back! 😉

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