2 healthy pizza recipes with homemade almond flour crust! Classic marguerite & chicken pesto. Its gluten-free, paleo, no yeast, no flour, no cauliflower. What if there was a way to make the healthy dough & not cheat on your diet? Now there is! That’s why Fat Loss Expert, Max Barry, and food blogger Alicia Ghio came up with these two delicious options. While this is not a low calorie food, it is yummy & totally clean eats. Enjoy!

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How To Make Pizza 2 Ways with Easy Almond Flour Crust Recipe


  1. made this recently and is by far the best pizza base recipe I have tried thus far. I added some Italian seasoning to the almond flour mixture and i flipped the crust half way through baking. I love this recipe. NOT EGGY AT ALL!!

  2. Never thought there could exist a flourless pizza recipe. i actually thought landing on Planet Cripton had better chances. Brilliant.

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