GUYS, I know bananas aren’t Keto. What do you think I’m doing with my life? I do love with another human person who doesn’t do Keto. ๐Ÿ™„

Alright this will have to be added to my list of all-time favorite Keto foods. I don’t think it’s possible to make anything that is closer to the actual taste and texture of pizza!
This recipe will be something your whole family will love, and it will be entirely guilt free!

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3 cups mozzarella shredded
1.5 cups almond flour
4 tbs cream cheese
2 eggs


  1. This crust is a keeper. The texture is fairly close to regular pizza dough. The only problem I had was that while the top was browning the bottom was pale and a bit wet. I ended up flipping the dough for a few. I did a half batch of the recipe for a smaller pizza. What's nice is that as the edges brown they don't get tough.

  2. Great video, made it and it's so good. Just hate the high calories overall even though it's low carb. I make it at least once a week though .
    But can you believe a dominoes large Brooklyn has less calories than this!

  3. I made this last night and for my first time ever actually making something that involved mixing/measuring/the oven, it came out perfectly! Only a week in but I think I'm going to start up vlogs on my channel thanks to you! I'm having so much fun with keto and it amazes me that I've found this love for food with your recipes. โค

  4. Oh wow if this works for me I can say goodbye to trashy takeaways for EVER! Kayla pls tell me does this base work just as well as a bread, if you wanted bread with your curry? That's the only time Im unable to resist bread, when Ive made chicken curry; its just crying out for a chapati to dip into the curry! I so badly need a replacement.

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