Easy No Fail Pizza Dough Recipe And Pizza Recipe
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This is my super simple yeast pizza dough. My pizza dough is authentic and one I’ve used for over 25 years.

I’ll show you from start to finish how to make this beautiful dough. At the end I’ll use this dough and bake a pizza.

If you’ve always wanted to make authentic pizza dough at home, this recipe is for you ! I’ve worked in many pizza places in my lifetime, and contrary to common belief, there is nothing secret or special about pizza dough, it’s a simple recipe, and easy to make at home !

★► My homemade authentic pizza sauce recipe:

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  1. hi, it's my first time to bake with yeast. and i only have instant yeast how do i use it? do i need to dissolve it with warm water too? trying this reipe tomorrow! thanks!

  2. 😱wow you are a champion sir…Thank you very much..after so many trail and errors following others…I finally made a awesome pizza this week following your instructions in the video..wish I can upload a picture….Iam so happy…trust me people.. you need only this video…indeed this a NO FAIL PIZZA Video…subscribed…looking for more recipes

  3. Hi,
    quick question please reply asap:My dough has been on the counter for 1 hour and its already double in its size… can I now keep it in fridge to use it next day?will it go bad?Thank You

  4. Hi just Checked your videos on pizza making from both of your channels..little confused about the quantity of flour …here in this video you said to take 2 and 1/2 cups and in your other channel its says 3 cups..which one will be the best…and please which level or rack i need to bake my pizza on…and should i use convention mode and what temp……my oven maximum temp is 250 C..Thank You very much

  5. If my Pizza dough is dry and dense (aka like cardboard) does that mean my yeast died? I've been trying to work with ADY, and no matter what I do, every dough ball I make rises enough to make me believe the yeast is working, but then it comes out of the over inedible. What am I doing wrong? Did I not knead it long enough? Shall I chuck the ADY in favor of instant rise? Help!!

  6. My pizza just came out of the oven and it looks perfect!!! I'm so excited. I tried multiple times before and it just never turned out… it must be the altitude. Working with 5,000 ft. Here. But this one looks like it's supposed to!
    I must add I actually forgot to add the Oil! Until I was kneading the dough by hand several minutes later, but I actually later watched a video from Jim Huff where he talks about dough hydration and "Delayed oil addition" so I did this by accident! I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

  7. I just subscribed. I made this pizza dough according to your ingredients, but I used bread machine to make the dough. Just let me say I never make my own pizza dough before and it turned out so good. My family loves it. Thank you so much and also I made pizza sauce based on your pizza sauce recipe. I love your talk through during the tutorial. Two thumbs up for me.

  8. You are a REAL HELP! THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing so clear and easily understood (while never boring) demonstrations! Love the pouched egg idea one too, but couldn't leave you a message there so I'm telling you here how much you really provide OUTSTANDING HELP FOR COOKING!. Thank goodness too for WONDERFUL YOUTUBE.COM THE FRIEND OF ALL!!!!! AMEN! MEOW!

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