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Jeff Michand and Brad Spence put together the perfect meat-lover’s pizza for a game day, dinner party, or just for yourself. As Brad says, he he even loves it cold the next day. Jeff and Brad give you step-by-step instructions that make this pizza recipe easy to follow. Say goodbye to frozen pizzas and say hello to a hearty homemade traditional Italian recipe!

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  1. the americana is a pizza with french fries, wurstels and sometimes even ketchup ( although i have yet to see an italian willing to eat ketchup instead of tomatoes ) and it's called like that cause mixing those ingrediends it's a thing that seems really "american" almost resembling the fast food. it is also a pizza made expecially for kids who want their trash food no matter what.

  2. wait…you just said that the pizza with hotdogs in italy is called the "Americana" ?………..so its Not Italian…its an "American" pizza made in italy…………….

  3. sorry to ask, but what is bread flour. I am not from the Usa and here is no flour titled "bread flour". Also the type of bread we eat is very different.

  4. dude it takes me 14 hours to make a proper roast why are you bitching about 5 hours. Pro tip don't' start cooking when you are already hungry if you don't have time to cook a proper meal you should reevaluate your schedule.

  5. It's actually less! If you make huge quantities of everything you can stuff it in the refrigerator and then just make it whenever you feel like. The hardest part would be to conserve the dough which I found very easy to do by making small balls of dough (each ball would be one pizza), placing them on a tray and covering them with a wet towel. Worked charms for quite a long time.

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