Try this pizza recipe for crispy homemade pizza. I should have mentioned in the video, but this Pizza is not Yemeni, although they do have a kind of pizza which they make at home in Yemen, it looks different from this kind.


  1. I grew up in miami/ft.laud.area back in the 70s & there was always a heavy Italian community there,many NY transplants & families direct from the old country,so there were alot of old school pizzerias everywhere and a common shared pizza recipe that I still consider to be TRUE pizza.those of you who grew up in any of the major cities back east know what I mean.here in Las Vegas I've only found a handful of pizza outlets that make it right."Verrazano" is the BEST in Vegas.
    (Chuck R.777RnR)

  2. Wow! It never fails… How is it that the best pizzas I had in my life, were all from middle-eastern restaurants (currently Indian), instead of the Authentic "i"Talian places? The color of this cheese pizza is the universal proof of taste. It should look like this, instead of pure white, wet, fresh mozz, floating on pool of sauce , that has just melted, but has years to go until it is caramelized.. to develop some deep taste.

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