1. That may be a decent formulation for the dough, but the rise time is totally insufficient. I can tell just looking at the crust in this video how underdeveloped the gluten is when it's cut open. Why not give it more time?

  2. i like ur accent when a bit of british accent pops in :DD! good pizza!:9

    but isnt it too much yeast?
    i used like 15g of yeast for 1/2kg flour Oo:(?

  3. I wish people would stop using "Best" and "Perfect" in every damn title for cooking videos. Also, it pains me to see you eat pizza fresh out of the oven, that has to be burn your mouth hot. Anyway, with that said I like the toppings you put on your pizza, I'll give that a try!

  4. and you call that nice sauce??? first of all the lemon never mix with tomato cause of the acidity 2ed that sauce taste horrible without natural tomato, make a real tomato sauce, cook the pizza for 2 min  it after put that staff like cheese and whatever u wanna put,put it back in the oven cook it for 5min in 220 degrees and let me know , peace 

  5. I tried your dough recipe and my pizza turned out to be awesome! Actually the best pizza I've ever tried! I got 2 thin bases and I made my own version of tomato sauce and put only mozzarella and feta for topping (went classic) (Y) Now I've got to add it to my recipe box 🙂

  6. Did he said only 15 minutes yeast and 15 min dough then 5+5= 10 min at 230 oven?? Excuse me Sr. but your recipe is perfect for a CRUDE dough with those times and temperature

  7. Should use tomatoes in the sauce..using puree or paste is to sour/bitter. Always use tomatoes..fresh is the best..cut them up cook on the stove with a little chopped onion, garlic and salt. Spread onto pizza and put your topping. I never use oregano on my pizza or in my spaghetti sauce..Fresh basil is best.

  8. musisz pokazac lepiej jak na końcu jesz swoje dzieło i jak ci smakuje to jedna z kilku ważnych części twojego kanału… sam wiesz że wiele ludzi nie oglada tego żeby coś ugotawać tylko dlatego że się fajnie Cie ogląda i troszke światło słabe

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