Looking for that perfect pizza dough? Watch this video to see how to make the best pizza base, and have fun customising it with an endless combination of toppings.

This top-rated recipe on Allrecipes.co.uk is easy to make and absolutely delicious. Just read some of the reviews:

“Really easy and delicious pizza base!”

“a lovely pizza base and now a firm fave in our house”

“This is a fantastic recipe… thank you for sharing! I will never again have to buy a pizza base!”

Why get pizza delivered when you have this recipe? The family will love make their own individual pizzas, too. Have fun with the kids by putting out bowls of toppings and letting them get creative!

Find this recipe and loads more on Allrecipes.co.uk, the UK and Ireland’s largest online community of home cooks:


  1. I tried to do half the recipe (175 mL water for almost 250 g flour), and the dough was so liquid and sticky that it was super difficult to roll in the flour. Lot of it was lost on the table and on my hands in the process. Has anyone here really tried this recipe?

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