This isn’t just the best homemade cauliflower pizza recipe…it is THE BEST PIZZA I’ve ever had!! No seriously. Ooey gooey cheesy and the crust does not taste “healthy” or cardboardy at all. IT TASTES LIKE BREAD! You won’t even notice. This is so crazy. This recipe is vegetarian, but you can use vegan cheeses if you would like to make it dairy free. Just be aware that the texture may not turn out like mine!

All Cheap Clean Eats recipes are made with the Blogilates Executive Chef and Nutrition Coach, Erin Woodbury to ensure that they are nutritiously dense and DELICIOUS!

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  1. why is there so many haters just because its not vegan?? some people don't understand that there are people allergic to regular bread and gluten in it. plus there is nothing wrong with eggs, it just depends on where you buy them from. buying eggs from a family farm are great. there is a food chain. animals have souls and probably have feelings, but she's not using meat! there is always a vegan substitute. I have vegan cheese at home and its great, but really expensive. let people live their lives and keep your judgment to yourselves

  2. Dang, so much hate from so many enforced vegan-style people. Let people eat what they choose to eat lol. There's plenty of other videos out there that are worse than this one. This is just one video out of many. No need to shove other's eating habits down another. She's not forcing you to make this. You get to choose whether you want to or not. This is just a base of it. You can adjust it to whatever way you'd like. Geez. Nothing big of a deal, guys. It's just food. We're omnivores, not herbivores or carnivores. Some people can handle the vegan life-style, and some can't. Not everyone can do it just because one person can out of 20 (randomly selected number). Everyone's different. Leave it be.

  3. So tonight I made this (it wasn't this exact recipe but it was cauliflower pizza). it made less than I had hoped so I was still very hungry and so was my mom. Plus my brother who's very very picky (so much so that he is very underweight) ate one slice but it was small and hadn't eaten much previously. So my mom offers to get him KFC and we never get that because its kinda far away. I asked for a small Mac n cheese but my mom asked if I wanted small or large (I guess she didn't hear me) and I said large so I can have some tomorrow. She returns with the food and she got a giant thing of chicken strips. So I made cauliflower pizza to try to be healthy tonight and ended up eating some of that plus part of a large thing of Mac n cheese and 2 chicken strips. this is what will usually happen when I try to eat really healthy.

  4. Hey Cassey! So I'm vegetarian and CANNOT stand tomato. Are there any meals for lunch or dinner that are veggie, tomatoless, easy to make and easy to take to school? If there is anything you can think of I'd love to hear of it. It just might save my life haha. Love you!

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