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Hi Bold Bakers! To celebrate the 100th episode of Bigger Bolder Baking, I’m sharing my much-requested No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe. Now you’ll be able to make my best-ever homemade pizza recipe anytime you want! And as an extra special THANK YOU, I have even more pizza recipes you can find on my website. So let’s get baking!


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  1. hello gemma i made d dough,but i found d dough was to runny,it was not mannageable as u did so wat to do at this stage.n may i know dat is this dough smells wiered i found it in my dogh pls help me

  2. hi gemma im your biggest fan here in philippines. and twice i baked this pizza dough and its a success. just asking why did my dough this time have a sour taste this is my 3rd attempt.

  3. From Singapore Very best Pizza recipe Pizzas Americans make are so greasy I've enjoyed Pizza in Europe and it was yummy n not greasy like American pizza. Your Pizza is yummy n healthy but we knead the dough n let it ferment for 18 yrs. So healthy

  4. omg out of all the cooking channel's, I love yours the most😊 I was planning on making pizza and chilli this weekend for the kids… and this pizza dough recipe should do… I like soft crust pizza lol

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