Step by Step recipe to make a great Pizza Dough at Home. This is a special “indoors” version that makes outrageous pizzas afterwards. Also, you might find a great cheats on it 🙂

How to mix the pizza dough, How to knead the pizza dough, How to flatten the dough ball into a pizza disc. I do respect (almost) the neapolitan pizza guidelines.

Servings : 3 medium sized Pizza ! Water content : 65% ! If you wanna change those proportions, go to :

Using a bike hook and an electric drill gun, I made a kneading machine that works just fine to knead the dough.

This video is part of the series named « THE PIZZA ODYSSEY »  in which we attempt at making the most perfect pizza indoors, with a classic domestic oven. Watch all the episodes right here :

Warning this footage is performed by professionals in fire safe environnement, and for entertainment purposes only. Accordingly, the Frenchie and the producers insist that no one attempt to re create or re enact any action performed in this show.

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Here is the first source I trust and interpret freely :
Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana website :

And their PDF pizza guidelines & rules document :

Other online sources I trust :

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  1. I always struggle with shaping the dough, this was seriously helpful. Did the bong (let's call it what it is) because I was bored, and it seems to work perfectly. Baking steel, and bricks next. Hardcore pizza series man! LOVE it. 🙂

  2. Noooooo what are you doing! You must not mix the dough so much, thats why its so hard for you to starch it, only until its combined, you are crating too much gluten…

  3. Fantastico – I love the drill adaptation, and the finished product looks really impressive for a home oven!! Nice work and great videos
    I use a tiny wood oven , Kitchen Aid robot, Caputo Tipo 00, DOP San Marzano 🙂 See my channel…

  4. i thought the salt killed the yeast so use salt after or something like that?
    Please what is correct? this pizza dough is so hard to get it right!

  5. hey alex, i also tried to make a great pizza for the last months, i tried natural fermentated sourdough starter ,diffrent types of flour (never found tipo 00 here in germany) and diffrent amounts of water but i always had one problem. my dough tends to be more like chewy/gummy crispy and the inside sticky instead of smokey bubbly crispy, i think you know what i mean 😀
    yeah and also it ends always being really "white" and not this kind of golden. I mean most people say it is still a good pizza, but i want perfection. until now i couldnt use tipo 00 and also dont have a pizza stone, do you think these are the only reasons for my problems or what could it also be?
    je me rejouis a toi response (mon francaise est terrible 😂)

  6. Merci bcp pour la recette, je ne vais plus à la pizzeria depuis que je parviens à réussir mes pizza à la maison 😀 cette recette de pâte est une TUERIE.

  7. As most recipes include a bit of olive oil in the dough, what exactly will the oil do to the dough?
    Do you consciously avoid it for a certain reason?
    Also I should totally try using less yeast (most recipes suggest using way more than you do) – I'm guessing that using too much yeast could actually affect the taste negatively?
    This series is great, thank you for the thorough take on everything!

  8. Guys this is my recipe
    You get the exact same result as this

    465g AP flour
    325ml COLD water
    Good pinch of salt
    4g dried yeast

    Mix flour salt and yeast
    The add water and mix together
    Then kneed for 5 mins
    Then cover in oil and put in fridge for 24 hours
    Take out of fridge and shape into balls
    Then proof at room temp for 3 hrs

    And that's it I hope my 20 minutes of typing helped you out

  9. Alex I must say I was sceptical about only 1g of fresh yeast….but this dough is wonderful. I think it's even better on the second & third days. Thank you so much for your entertaining & funny videos

  10. ….. by the way, have you tried the technique of "under the broiler" + "slightly-greased pizza pan, directly on the floor/base of the oven"? (assuming the gas broiler is under the oven itself; ie. a broiler drawer)

  11. Homemade dough mixer, complete with bike hook in place of a proper dough hook attachment. I don't know what you're smoking (if you smoke at all)…. but you're crazy. Absolutely crazy. AND because it actually works well….. I LOVE IT! 😀 Awesome, man!

  12. thanks for showing me how to treat the dough 🙂 i've made pizza at home quite often but i always struggled with the dough because it seemed more like chewing gum (tasted good though) and was hard to handle. trying your recipe!

  13. thanks for showing me how to treat the dough 🙂 i've made pizza at home quite often but i always struggled with the dough because it seemed more like chewing gum (tasted good though) and was hard to handle. trying your recipe!

  14. awwweeesome recipe, and the calculate page is really helpful. so glad it works on my phone too =P
    2nd time w/ this recipe, and the crust turned out so chewy and.. crusty?? haha beats some local pizza places, definitely. I use a cast iron skillet (le french brand =P), heat it for 3 minutes on the induction stove to get things going and get those killer chars on the underside, before sliding into our smallish oven for 5-7 minutes. does wonders! (and i didn't need to get the cool pizza steel)

    one question – if i want to make this approx 18-24 hours ahead, can i just let it proof in the fridge so everything is slower? or can i freeze / refridgerate the dough after 4-6 hours? anybody done this, so i get an idea where to start with experimenting the times? =D

  15. I decided to try this, but had some problems. My second time to make dough. So I have NO idea what I am doing. I found some Tipo 00 Flour and used cold water. I could not find fresh yeast. I converted ingredients into ounces (I'm in the US so we don't use grams and don't have anything to measure in that). I came up with 2 cups flour (16 oz), 9 ounces & 1/2 teaspoon of water, 1 Tablespoon salt (used sea salt), and yeast. For yeast (maybe this is where I went wrong) I used Hodgson Mill Active Dry Yeast. I used about half of the packet which was 5/16 oz or 8.75 grams. So 4ish grams? I combined the water, salt, flour, and yeast. Used cold water and 1/10 the flour. Stirred and let sit for 10 minutes. It didn't bubble or show signs it was active so I waited another 5 minutes. So question one: was the yeast active? I then decided to add in the remaining flour. I must not be using the right proportions because there was WAY TOO MUCH WATER. It was like mud. HELP!!!

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